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Design Thinking PLC Workshops

The best way to transform your teacher collaboration into a Design Thinking PLC is to participate in specialized workshops. These workshops guide teacher teams through the design thinking phases and allow for coaching and support along the way. Several different workshop levels have been designed to meet the needs of different PLCs with different price-points to support any district or school.

2 Hour Remote Workshops

Workshops for PLCs to improve in a specific phases of the design thinking process. Topics include:

  • Empathy

  • Ideation Strategies

  • Prototype Design/Testing

$800 per workshop, up to 40 participants.

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Design Thinking PLC Real-Time Workshop

5  2-hour separate remote sessions.


PLCs will run through an entire Design Thinking PLC cycle in real PLC time, meeting remotely with a facilitator during PLC meetings. Each meeting will run through a phase of design thinking. Teachers will complete work in between meetings in their classrooms. This process mimics the work teams will do on their own and provides key instruction and coaching along the way.


$4000 for the entire cycle- up to 30 participants.

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2 Day Full Cycle

In-Person Workshop

PLCs will run through an entire PLC cycle over the course of this intensive 2 day training with on-site coaching and facilitation to jump-start the process.

 $5000 for 2-full day in person workshop, up to 100 participants.

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Leading Design Thinking PLCs

    This is our most intensive offering, for districts and sites who want to really invest in Design Thinking PLCs with intensive leadership training.  These workshops teach leaders  how to facilitate and support the Design Thinking PLC cycle. They will become experts able to lead the work on the ground. Leadership Plans are customized to the needs of each site or district.


Possibilities include:

  • Facilitation Workshops

  • PLC Walk-throughs and evaluation

  • Remote Coaching

  • On-site and Remote Support


Contact for Pricing 

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Customized Coaching

Administration, teacher leaders, individual PLCs, or district support can sign-up for customized remote or in-person coaching.


Coaching rates are $200 per hour off-site remote, or $2,000 a day in-person.

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